Why I love my new inversion table!

My Inversion table is loved by me due to several reasons. It is now one of the prominent instruments to reduce back pain and spinal strain. Several activities and exercises can be easily and swiftly performed by using the inversion table. It helps to cure number of physical problems like, it reduces back pain, it promotes care for the discs, helps in graceful ageing, helps in strengthening ligaments, works on depression and brain injury which are traumatic, helps in training for orientation and balance, Read more [...]

Finding A Job In Stoke-on-Trent Is Impossible!

Having moved to Stoke-on-Trent from Australia quite a few months back, I have found it increasingly difficult to find a job. As a new resident to the United Kingdom, I expected to have difficulty finding a job; but not this much difficulty by any stretch of the imagination. The main problem I've found with finding a job in the UK is that entry-level jobs are so hard to get into. Unlike Australia, employers consistently want applicants to have previous knowledge, experience and qualifications relevant Read more [...]